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      1. I will sell the GS-18MO Generator; GS-12TO; STG12TMO-1000; GSR-ST-18000
I will sell the GS-18MO Generator; GS-12TO; STG12TMO-1000; GSR-ST-18000

Listning ID 692791


I will sell the generator GS-18MO 2 series; GT40PCH6 2 series; SGO-30U series 4; SGO-30U RS; GS-18NO 2 series; GSR-18000M 2 series; GS-12TO;

starter generator GSR-ST18000; STG-12TMO-1000; STG-18TMO-1000; generator GSR-ST-12/40; GSR-ST-12/40G;

generator GSR-ST-12000VT series 2; GT60MCH8U; GT40PCH8; GT16PCH8; generator GS-12TOK; GT40VCh8; GS-12TOM;

Blocks BZU-376SB; BRN-208M7B; BRN-208M7A;

The GS-12TO generator is installed on

gas turbine engines TA-6A, TA-8A.,

other auxiliary installations.

Main technical data

GS-12TO generator

Generator mode - voltage, V. . 28.5

Power, kWt . . 12

Load current, A. . 400

Anchor speed, rpm. . 5680 - 7000

Operating mode. . long

Starter mode

Voltage, V. . 20 - 30

Consumed current, A. . 600

Peak value of current, A. . 2500

Speed ​​of rotation of an output shaft at the moment of shutdown, rpm. . 3000

Starter: ST-115A(B); ST-111T; ST-117; ST-107B; ST-12P;

Electric fan: DV-302T / DV-3; DV-2014; DV-1KM;

Automation unit: BA-137 p.3;

Sensor: DO-206 p.2; DT-211;

Generator: GSR-12KIS;

Feather button: KFL-37TV;

Potentiometer: UE-35/1M;

Electromagnetic valve: MKT-163B; MKT-165; 5603Т; MKT-157-1; MKT-163; MKT-372A; MKT-4-2A; MKT-180; MKT-158; MKT-168; MKT-212A;

MKT-211; MKT-503D-1; MKT-16; MKT-14; MKT-17B; MKT-210; MKT-210A; MKT-212A; MKT-361A; MKT-241; MKT-251; MKPT-903;

MKPT-12A; MKV-241; EC-69-10; MKT-176; MKV-200A; MKPT-9; 6369; MKPT-12A;

Starting coil: KP-4716; KR-12SI;

Speed ​​sensor: DCHV-2500A;

Displacement sensor: DP-110;

Magneto: BSM-9F;

Icing warning device: SO-4A

Electromagnet: EMT-503D; EMT-233; EMT-244; EMT-244A; EMT-235; EMT-362; EMT-230; EMT-171; EMT-231A

Movement: UPS-1M;

Magneto: M-9F;

Control unit: BU-5 2ser .;

Button: KU-5;

Switch 4038T;

Electric motor EM-662T; D-408; D-404; D-101; ETM-101(R); EM-660T; EM-662T;

Filter: F-100;

Electronic engine controller: ERD-3VM;

refrigeration Unit: SHA-0.14A;

Electropneumatic valve: EC-69; EC-69-10; EC69-10;

Temperature control unit: 2449T;

Control panel: PNK-3V;

Automation unit BA-245D

Icing warning device SO-4A

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