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Natural organic insecticide O! GRASS ORGANIC is a universal protection of vegetable, fruit and berry, flower and ornamental crop plants from a complex of insect pests.

Effective against all types of aphids, spider mites, marble bugs, greenhouse whitefly, tobacco thrips and other pests that live on cucumber, protected ground tomato, zucchini, cabbage, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, cherries, apple trees, pears.

It has a high speed of action, providing a quick result.


Completely natural, 100% natural organic insecticide O! GRASS ORGANIC is designed to control the complex of insect pests;

Suitable for processing any vegetable, fruit and berry, flower and ornamental crops, including during flowering and fruiting;

Has a high speed of impact - quickly removes massive outbreaks of insect pests;

A highly active drug ensures the death of up to 95% of pests, while remaining safe for people, plants, pets, birds and other animals;

Does not accumulate in plants, fruits, soil;

Harvesting is possible already 24 hours after treatment, as the drug quickly decomposes under the influence of oxygen and ultraviolet radiation;

O! GRASS ORGANIC is effective at all stages of development of insect pests, does not cause addiction, organic insecticide can be used repeatedly.

COMPOSITION: 50 g/l of natural pyrethrin extract.


Before mixing, acidify the water with citric acid at the rate of 0.2 g. for 1 liter of water. Add the required amount of insecticide to 0.5 - 1 l of water at room temperature (20-25°C), mix well, then mix with the main volume of water according to the data from the table (see label).

All types of sprayers are acceptable. Treatment on wet plants (dew or rain) is not recommended. Pests are treated volumetrically, from all sides, by abundant wetting of the plant.

The best result (destruction of all stages of insect development) is achieved with systemic application - 1 treatment once a week for 3 weeks. The recommended interval between treatments is 1 month.

The death of pests occurs in stages within 24 hours, passing through stages from paralysis to complete destruction. The working fluid must be used on the day the solution is prepared.

COMPATIBILITY: insecticide O! GRASS ORGANIC is compatible with most pesticides, can be used in tank mixtures, except for preparations that give an alkaline reaction.

The terms for the safe exit of people to the areas treated with the drug for mechanized work are 1 day.

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